BIG CAMP 2018 Booking System NOW OPEN!…

Date: 1st Mar 2018 Author: Scout Websites


The booking system for BIG CAMP 2018 is now open, so why not register your group/section today to make sure you don’t miss out on Somerset Scouts BIG CAMP!

Great news for all leaders regarding the wonderful big camp event. The new online booking system is NOW LIVE! It is designed with you leaders in mind as this system will hopefully make all your lives easier allowing you to register your interest in attending and then add in the young people and adults data as you receive it.

At the Event, the system will allow for changes to attendees and can record the arrival and departure of all attendees and leaders, so that we know who is at the Event every second of the day. The system can also manage permission forms and medical forms allowing onsite first aid team access to key information as needed within seconds.

Step one – Visit to register your group. This is just approx numbers at the moment all we need to know is the rough numbers of which age section you are hopefully going to bring. Each section leader can register their own section meaning its not all down to one leader.

Step two – Detail your booking which will allow you to start to add the adults and young people attending. The joy of this is you can login and add one person at a time when they come in or if you are using OSM move the date from there straight to your booking.

The more information we can collect at this early stage the easier it will make life in August. Don’t forget to start getting your helpers DBS checks done if they are planning on attending.

For more information visit the BIG CAMP 2018 main page for all the latest news stories about BIG CAMP!

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