The Scout's Brand

Some guidance about how The Scouts should be perceived

Our Brand

Our brand at a glance
What we talk about Skills for Life (character, employability and practical skills)
What we convey A feeling of belonging
What we show Fun, friendship and adventure
How we talk Confident, active, challenging, inclusive and optimistic
What we call ourselves The Scouts, or Scouts (and only ‘The Scout Association’ in formal documents)


We use eight colours, plus black and white. The familiar purple is the primary colour.

Scouts Purple RGB r116 g20 b220
CMYK c72 m80 y0 k0
Pantone Violet C
HEX #7413dc
Thread YJB506
Scouts Teal RGB r0 g167 b148
CMYK c74 m0 y45 k0
Pantone 3275 C
HEX #00a794
Thread YHG725
Scouts Red RGB r226 g46 b18
CMYK c0 m90 y100 k0
Pantone Red 032 C
HEX #e22e12
Thread YHG125
Scouts Pink RGB r255 g180 b229
CMYK c2 m30 y0 k0
Pantone 183 C
HEX #ffb4e5
Thread YHG113
Scouts Green RGB r35 g169 b80
CMYK c75 m0 y91 k0
Pantone 347 C
HEX #23a950
Thread YHG741
Scouts Navy RGB r0 g58 b130
CMYK c100 m88 y12 k0
Pantone 294 C
HEX #003982
Thread YHG328
Scouts Blue RGB r0 g110 b224
CMYK c95 m35 y0 k0
Pantone 285 C
HEX #006ddf
Thread YHG334
Scouts Yellow RGB r255 g230 b39
CMYK c0 m6 y90 k0
Pantone 108 C
HEX #ffe627
Thread YHG207
White RGB r255 g255 b255
CMYK c0 m0 y0 k0
Pantone n/a
HEX #ffffff
Thread White
Black RGB r0 g0 b0
CMYK c0 m0 y0 k100
Pantone Process Black C
HEX #000000
Thread Black


Our logo is very important to us. It’s the symbol that represents and unites us as a movement. Please use it consistently, to build awareness, recognition and adoption of our brand.


The logotype should always be visible and not lost in busy backgrounds and textures. The logo should only ever be used as an image file and not recreated in text form.

Our logo should only appear in a single colour; black, white or purple. On a purple or black background, the logo must appear in white and on a white background, the logo must appear in black or purple.


Stacked – Please use this version when there is enough room.

Linear – Please use this when there is isn’t enough room to use the stack version.

Download Logos

All of the logos that are needed for District or Group use are included below. Right click on the logo that you wish to download and click ‘Save Link As…”.

Depending on the type of web browser you are using, you may need to click ‘Download Linked File As…’. If you have any difficulties or would like us to send you the logos in an email, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

District Logos

Group Logos

Section Logos





Our Scout brand font is Nunito Sans.

This is a free Google font. It offers flexibility while being clean, contemporary and highly legible. It also expresses our personality and is confident and inclusive.

Using Nunito Sans
Black Headlines and hashtags
Extra Bold Local personalisation within our logotypes
Bold Highlighting information in body text
Regular Body text when on a solid colour background
Light Can be used for body text when on a white background

Brand Guidelines


If you would like support with anything to do with branding (websites, AGM reports, social media, general publications etc.) please get in touch and the Blackdown District Media Team will be happy to help.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls